Wedding Cinematography

Gone are the days where one would watch hours and hours of lengthy wedding videos. Now it’s all about presenting your weddings with a style. Wedding cinematography is an art of capturing & presenting weddings in a cinematic style. And we at Cinematic Weddings specialize in doing just that.

We believe that every bride and groom deserves the chance to have their special day captured on film in order to preserve tradition and some of their happiest moments. Our team of wedding cinematographers will blend seamlessly into the crowd while taking video of every major part of the day as well as those moments that you miss during the festivities.

The wedding cinematography service includes a team of videographers at the event and an editing team at the office that takes the hours of captured footage and creates the final product for the client. Team participation is tailored against the client’s needs based on the size, scope and location of the event with the ability to handle weddings of any size. Editors work to create a professional final video that contains all of the details discussed in the initial meetings to ensure that the client’s expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Our team takes participation in your event very seriously and when you choose us for your wedding cinematography then we sit down with you to ensure that all your questions are answered including price, timeframe and specifications. A comprehensive checklist is put together by the consultant and the client so that every part of the event in its entirety is covered by the camera and no moments are missed. With all the stress and challenges that a wedding can present, we make it our goal to give you peace of mind in this area. The cinematographers have worked weddings in Bangalore, India, as well as other locations and are willing to travel as per the customer’s request.

Cinematic Wedding has offices in Delhi, India and Hyderabad so that customers can visit the office in person or enjoy the convenience of contacting a representative online via the website for those reaching out to us from all parts of the country. Pictures are important and our team of photographers represents your event with quality still shots but video allows the viewers to relive the moment and provides those who did not get the chance to attend the wedding.